Wine Tours

Wine Tours

Wine ToursCall for first class stunning limos for your next trip to any Cleveland winery. Ride safely and in style to your favorite winery in our limo. Take our elegant Limo to any winery you like such as Gervasi Winery, Ferrante Winery and more. Make a memorable and special trip by taking a Limo or a party bus to Cleveland’s Wonderful wineries. This is a wonderful way to visit wineries all in one day in a limo. The best part you can go from one winery to the other without worrying about drinking and driving since you’ll be having your very own chauffeur. Gather a group of family and friends and take a visit to the popular Canton wineries, Geneva wineries, Sarahs wineries and many more.

While you may think that wine tours are boring way to spend the day, you are definitely wrong. Most wine tours will give you a brief summary of its origins and history. That in itself is enough to make the tour worthwhile. You can taste the wines and explore each processes that needs to be done to turn an ingredient into a wine that you are enjoying at the comforts of your home.

You don’t need to worry about drinking too much as you would have someone driving you around town. You can even request a detour to go to someplace else if you want. Bring your friends and families on your wine tour. It’s much better to experience a wine tour with your loved ones.

4 Reasons to choose Cleveland Limo Service for Wine tours

  • Give us a chance to be your designated driver and we won’t disappoint you! A winery tour means tasting and trying different types of alcohol. Of course, you’d want to taste the all available wines in there. If you drive your own car, you are not going to enjoy wine tasting because there’s a limit to how much you can taste. With a driver, you can sample all alcohol you want. Let us handle the driving while you enjoy your winery tour. You can try as much as you desire, and you’re certain of a secure trip for the day since your safety is our first priority.
  • Why travel alone when you can book a limo and travel with a group to make the trip exciting. Going to wineries with friends is a lot more amusing when everyone can travel in a Limo together. It doesn’t matter whether you want an elegant stretch limo which can accommodate 5 to 10 people, or a stunning party bus which can take more than 15 people, we are here to fulfill your needs. We have a huge variety of limo’s which can fit every group size.
  • You don’t have to worry about the directions since we know where we are going. Many of our clients regularly hire us for wine tours in Cleveland every summer and fall. As a conclusion, our chauffeurs have become well known with most of the wineries in North east Ohio. “Present” tour packages are also accessible of the most known wineries to visit. Just inform us where ever you desire to go, and we will make it happen!
  • The Chauffeurs of Cleveland Limo Services with treat you in a royal way as your satisfaction means a lot to us. On your wine tour they will open the doors of the limo for you when you arrive at your destination, they will surely keep you on schedule, and they will follow all traffic laws to and from your place.

You will definitely enjoy wine tasting more if you hire someone to drive you around. It is better to only focus on the tour instead of worrying about the small things like traffic and lack of parking space. Our main objective is to make sure your day is spent well.

Our chauffeurs are friendly in attitude, nice and neat in appearance, and will entertain all your needs any time you ask for. So what are you waiting for? Rent a limo from Cleveland and go to Ohio wine country, Erie wine country, Geneva wine country or on a wine tour with worrying about finding someone to drive you. We guarantee a cost effective and professional experience.

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